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Maragha monument


Russia, the winner of wars with Iran and Turkey had organized a mass shifting of Armenians to the Azerbaijani lands. The Armenians were settled mostly in the Mountainous region of Garabagh of Azerbaijan. There are irrefutable facts about these events. One of the most significant of them was the monument erected in Agdara (Mardakert) region of Garabagh in 1978 to the occasion of 150 anniversary of the shifting of the first 200 families (an Armenian family) from Iran to Maragha village. At present, this monument was destroyed by the Armenians. Because this monument exposes all their lies.
N. Adons, M. Abeqyan, İ. Chopin, F. Lenorman, S. Glinka, N. Savrov have interesting ideas on arrival of Armenians here.

N. Savrov notes that from 1 million 300 thousand Armenians in the Caucasus 1 million are not local. Taken into account that the Armenization of Christian Albanians in the Garabagh had an effect in a number of Armenians in Garabagh. In general, despite falsification of the history by the Armenians the number of those accepting that Armenians are newcomers here, grows basing on historical sources. Felix Tsertvadze notes in his book "Forgotten genocide" that Armenians are newcomers in the Caucasus like in France, Argentine. 
But despite all this themselves they presented themselves as aboriginal population in front of the world. Whilst committing the genocide against Azerbaijanis they try to present themselves as people affected by the genocide. It would be noteworthy that "Great powers" have always been in help to the Armenians in this case.
Tradition of division of Azerbaijan's territory and giving to Armenians has been continued during the Soviet period, the heir of the tsarist Russia. Only in the 1st quarter of XX century, 30% of the Azerbaijan’s land was given to Armenia. But state created for Armenians on territory of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijanis were forced to mass annihilation.

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