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Nature parks


Three nature parks functioned in Karabagh region of Azerbaijan:

Turyanchay State Nature Reserve

It was established at a height of 400-650 metres above sea level on the territory of Agdam and Yevlakh regions on 6 May 1958. The climate is moderate and hot, and arid in winter here. Forests comprise 73 per cent of the territory of the park, while other areas are forest-free. There are 4 types of juniper shrubs here. Wormwood, cereals, perennial and different juniper shrubs, oak, elm, willow trees, date trees, honeysuckles and other plants used to be cultivated in areas cleared from trees. There are about 60 types of trees and shrubs in the park. Although the number of animals in the park is small, they represent various species. There are 24 species of mammals, 20 species of reptiles, 112 species of birds and 3 species of amphibians here.

The Basitchay State Nature Park
The basitchay State Nature Park was established by the Azerbaijani government in Zangilan region on 4 July 1974. The park is located in the Basitchay gorge on the territory of Zangilan region in southwestern Azerbaijan.
The area where the park is situated is mostly mountainous and is 600-800 metres above sea level. The territory of the park has a moderate hot climate with dry winters.
Plane forests occupy 100 hectares of the Basitchay State Nature Reserve. They grow in the gorge of the Basitchay and its branch Shikhauzchay. Both pure and mixed plane forests are common here.. The mixed plane forests are home to walnut, mulberry, willow, poplar and other trees, as well as hawthorn, dog-rose, buckthorn, Christ's-thorn and other shrubs.. The surrounding areas of the park are also home to wolves, jackals, foxes, wild pigs, badgers, roe deer, grey rabbits, various species of rodents and other mammals, as well as partridges, turaj birds, pigeons and other birds.

The Qaragol State Nature Park
The Qaragol State Nature Park was established on 17 October 1987 by the decision of the Armenian and Azerbaijani authorities and was declared an inter-republican state park.
The Qaragol State Nature Park is located between Lachin and Goris regions at a height of 2,658 metres. The area is dominated by a cold climate with dry winters.. The dry area surrounding the lake in the park is comprised of alpine meadows typical of high mountain zones. There are 102 species and subspecies of plants, which consist of 68 types and 27 families.
 Ishiqli Qaragol and its surrounding areas have been an Azerbaijani territory historically. However, the Armenian occupation has had a negative impact on the fate of the park.

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