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Water reservoirs



There are several water reservoirs in the territory of Kharabakh which assume vital importance for the Republic. Sarsang Water Reservoir built on the river Tartarchay is an example for such a kind. It was built in 1976. Its volume is 565 mln. m³ with 14,2 km² area and 726 m. absolute height.

Khanchinchay Water Reservoir was built in 1964. Its volume is 23 mln m³, absolute height 507m, surface area 1,76 km².

Ganligol Water Reservoir situating in the absolute height is also in the Karabakh territory. Its volume is 1,0 mln m³, surface area 0,1 km², absolute height 726 m. The Reservoir was built in 1965.

Arpachay Reservoir was built in 1977 on the same named river (the Arpachay river). Source of feeding is the River Arpachay, volume 150 mln. m³, the surface area 6, 3 km², absolute height 955m.

Agdamkend Water Reservoir was built in 1962 on the river Gargarchay (at, over) the Gargarchay in 1962. Its volume is 1.6 mln. km², surface area 0.5 km², and absolute height 291.5 m.

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