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Our lands under the occupation are rich with natural springs. There are many mineral springs taking their beginnings from the village of Alichan, in Lachin region and appearing in the north-west. The springs Tushsu, Galaderesi, Aganush, Khirmanlar, Tigig, Tursh-digig, Nuraddin, Nagdali, Hajikhanli (Hallanli, Bashlibel -in Lachin region) assume great medical importance.

Yuhari Istisu, Ashagi Istisu, Keshdek, Garasu, Tutxun, Mozchay, Goturlusu mineral water deposits (total reserves is 3093 m3/day) made Kalbajar gain world fame are in the occupied territory of Azerbaijan and more than ten years not only Azerbaijanis but also the guests from foreign countries have been deprived of using and seeing this matchless gift of nature.
There are more than 600 natural cold and medicinal springs to be rich with minerals, in the region of Gubadli.

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