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Slaughters committed in the South Azerbaijan


It was proved based on facts that the Armenian-Aysor atrocities committed by Armenians in Southern Azerbaijan were an integral part of policy of genocide against the Muslims.
The First World War further deteriorated the contradictions in Iran. There were specific plans of union of England with Russia from Entente and Germany together with Turkey against Iran. Iran is trying to increase the prestige of the United States also in turn, tried to expand its influence in Iran and for this purpose it widely used the activity of American missionaries sent to Iran. On the eve of the war each of the above-mentioned states in on favor arranged massacres and clashes in the western regions of South Azerbaijan among Kurds, Armenians aysors on national grounds.
 Using a complex situation and entanglement created in World War II in the South Azerbaijan the Armenian armed forces together with aysors attacked Khoy, Salmas, Soyugbulag and the surrounding villages of these cities and began to rob the houses and the markets, to kill innocent and unarmed Azerbaijani Turks from small to elder with invisible atrocity. Such slaughters were carried out with particular brutality in Urmiya. Only entering of units the Turkish army into these villages of the region prevented the massive genocide of the population of the cities, Urmia, etc.  However, after Turkish troops left this region Armenians, Aysors and Kurds began to kill Azerbaijanis again in bordering regions of Turkey and Iraq with the South Azerbaijan. 

These massacres took more tragic picture when the Bolshevik government began to withdraw Russian military unit from Iran at the beginning of 1918 in very disordered conditions. It is clear that the great powers, participants of the First World War made again the Armenians gangs as a tool in their issues to divide Eastern countries into circles of their influence and used them as they want.
After the Russian military units left the South Azerbaijan British had sent here the special military units. Till spring of 1918, they seized Zanjan, Miyana, Urmiya and Hoy. At the same time with the instigation of these states aysor, Kurds and Armenians carried out a true genocide in the north-west of South Azerbaijan against Azerbaijanis. Only 150 thousand Azerbaijanis were killed by Armenians in the region of Urmia, 50 thousand in Khoy region. And in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey 200 thousand Azeri Turks were killed. So in the territory of Middle East region, which was not included in Russia about 400 thousand Azeri Turks were killed by Armenians.
Azerbaijan Democratic Party, headed by Sheikh Mohammed Khiyabani had sent armed groups to disaster areas Sharafkhan Salman, Urmia, etc. in order to prevent the massacres. These forces have an important progress in the prevention of massacre.
The First World War, like many countries brought great destructions, massacres, expensiveness, lack, hunger, etc. disasters in Iran, South Azerbaijan. The war brought economic life in the South Azerbaijan in collapse. One of the lively witnesses of those tragic days Ali Dehqani’s "Land of the Prophet Zoroaster Urmia" (in Persian), Mohammed Tamsddun’s "History of Urmia" (in Persian), narrate about the genocide committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis.
Seyed Ahmad Kasravi known as the great propagandist of Persian chauvinism could not avoid these massacre in work "On the eight-year history of Azerbaijan" carried out against the Azerbaijani people. 
It is shown in the book of A. Kasravi that aysorlar around Lake Van, being defeated by Turkish kurds found a shelter in the South Azerbaijan territory. 25 thousand aysors known to local population as "Chilo" with Christian fanaticism of Russians placed in territory of Azerbaijan.  In many cases they robbed the property and goods of the local population and killed those who resisted. In this case Armenians was more active, killed helpless and unarmed Azerbaijani civilians.
Motemed-Alvozera, that saw with own eyes the genocide of Azerbaijanis gives such information in his notes: "Shooting was not stopped till the morning. I came to the government center in the morning. From reports it became clear that there were terrible tragedies at night. Cilo with Armenians attacked and set a fire on approximately of 500 houses, Azerbaijani population was killed. Killing was continued on next day, too. The same day, thousands of innocent Azerbaijnai women and children were killed in the slaughter." From the writings of chronicle of Ali Dehgani  "The land of Zoroaster Urmia" dedicated to the chronicle of bloody days that happened last Wednesday to Azerbaijanis: "After the negotiations with Azerbaijanis, disarmed by the cunning trick the U.S. Consul in Urmia Mr Sched Urmians realized that they were deceived. At that day by Solar calendar on 1226, month of Isfand 26, during the last Wednesday (March 17, 1918) in the city of Urmia and the Armenian dasnhaks together with cilos killed 10 thousand Azerbaijanis, the fact of massacre that I   witnessed. 
The Armenians arranging the genocide against Azerbaijanis, used not only aysors but carried out secret talks with local Kurds to use their military power. In this case, the plottng Armenians used head of aysors Marschimo and had arranged his meeting with the Kurds’ leader Simetko. During the meeting they argued and Simetko killed Marschimo and acted against this insidious proposalof Armenians. After the death of Marschimo the military power was headed by Armenian Agha Petros. A.Kasravi writes that during the bloody agitations under the leadership of Aga Petros not a single survived inhabited village remained. People without any hope or aid were killed, and as far as found the opportunity, they escaped. There was not a single day when the man was not killed. In towns  ... Urmia, Salmas, Khoy and in villages between these towns at time of continuation of the genocide and robberies the Ottoman Army attacked the Armenians came to help them and survived the Azerbaijan perhaps from continuation of annihilation.  In June 1918, the Ottoman army reached the Khoy town and brought here. After few days of war, the Armenian army was collapsed moving toward the Armenian-Assyrian unions.  Petros even brought artillery here for battle.  This war also was brought in Topkhana from Urmiya. After few days of war the Armenian army was destroyed and their families began to run away by taking all from commodity-blacks...
In the same year, the head of the Dasnaq Party Andronik that was going to create the Great Armenia had moved towards Khoy town via Julfa way to join the 8000 armed forces of Armenian-Aysors in order to occupy the Khoy town. The Armenians came to conclusion that after seizing the  Khoy town and killing it population by resettling here eleven thousand  Armenian families, later will annex these lands to Armenia...
The Ottoman army could reach Khoy via Salmas. Hearing this, the population of Khoy became glad and strengthened the resistance. Finally, the Ottoman army reached and installed the guns on top of mountain and began artillery fire on Armenian army. Armenians having lost the hopes to seize the town were forced to go back.»
However, this defeat did not put an end on genocide of Armenians. Armenian makes new plans, arranged local attacks in towns with weak defense circle.  Armenians also expected to use the Russian military ship in Urmia Lake, as given in their insidious plans. That ship was under the 180 people of Armenians-aysors. The purpose was to install more guns in Sharafkhan port and capture the ships in the port and began the new military campaign. To get this intention they used to commit every crime, even killed civilians and religious men   ships were to start a new military operation. 
This intention to unite them all manually takes offense, civilians, and religious figures. Killing of Agha Mirmahammad Pishnamaz Khalkhali, who disguised the hidden intentions of Armenian-aysors known to the Armenian-Armenian brutality, was a striking example. 
Ahmed Kasravi notes that when the Armenians escape Urmiya, they used to commit intolerable atrocities: "... They saw the approaching of Ottoman army had left the city. In these terrible events Armenians and aysors killed more than 10 thousand Azerbaijanis. Desperate people after six months of cruelty and torture, became gladden by seeing the fleeing Armenian and aysors. "

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