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The most terrible crime of XX century


International crimes means the illegal actions violating roughly the rights and interests of individual states, gross and mass violation of internationally recognized human rights, the legal structure of which is established in norms of international law, action contradicting to the international law. In the science of international law "international criminal" and "international crime" categories are distinguished.
The genocide is related to the category of international crime. The basic structure of these crimes was expressed in the charter of the International Military tribunes (Nuremberg and Tokyo), after the Second World War. 

Legal consequences of the Khojaly massacre 
Тhе international law determines the following regarding genocide:
1. Persons who committed genocide must be tried and punished; 
2. Not only perpetrators but also those who conspired or directly and publicly incited to commit genocide must be held responsible. 
3. Тhе principle of universal jurisdiction must be applied to persons committed crime ; 
4. Acting in furtherance of an order must not exempt the perpetrator from responsibility; 
5. Superiors must bear responsibility for failure to prevent the acts of genocide; 
6. Statutory limitations must not be applicable to the crime of genocide; 
7. With regard to genocide, the retroactive application of the law is allowed; 
8. Perpetrators must be either tried and punished be the detaining state or extradited to the requesting one. 
A number of crimes committed during the period of Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Garabagh conflict have been expressed as an international crime in their period of commitment in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. However, this does not exclude any criminal liability of persons who have committed the same crime. Because for the above-mentioned international crimes the provision on the necessity of responsibility have already been accepted by the international community as a norm of customary international law and has been operating. The atrocities committed against Azerbaijanis, therefore, adopted by the international community in accordance with the principles of international law as a crime and nothing releases the criminal actions of the persons who committed the crime, from criminal responsibility. It is, therefore, there are legal base for demanding and judging of persons committed international crime during the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Garabahh conflict.
In accordance with international and interstate law the violent actions committed during Khojaly genocide deliberately in full or partial destruction of the people for the attribute with the intention of committing genocide on national base, proves it. An act of barbarism and vandalism of Armenian occupants should be evaluated at the same level like Khatin and Songmi tragedies accepted by progressive mankind as genocide, this crime against humanity should get its decent value 
Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev have brought to the attention of the world countries that for centuries bloody crimes, terrorist acts, genocide, the mass killing of hundred thousand of Azerbaijani  people, deportation from their lands by Armenian nationalists. He stated that Khojaly genocide was a continuation of mean policy of Armenians against Azerbaijanis, the greatest tragedy of the XX century, the real act of genocide. The Armenians from time to time, committed murders, terrible genocide of against Azerbaijanis in the territory of Azerbaijan. However, they present to the world community these tragedies as own and so falsify the history. The Armenians committed these atrocities could hide their bloody crimes for a long time. In contrary they acts as if they were subjected to genocide

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