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About state coat of arms


The National Emblem of the Azerbaijan Republic 
 The National Emblem of the Azerbaijan Republic symbolizes the independence of Azerbaijan. The national emblem is the image of an oriental shield and a semicircle formed by the branches of an oak-tree and ears resting on it. The shield contains the image of a fire in the center of an eight-point star against a background of the colors of the National flag of Azerbaijan

Meaning and functions of the symbols in the state emblem
The practice of placing of state emblem on shield is a wide spread practice in world heraldic art. World people used a shield for defense and for demonstrating of national symbols during the thousand years. This is known that shield was one of tools of national fight in eastern peoples, the heroism symbol. Differently from west, shield of the east is in the round form. Imaging of  state emblem on that shield shows that  Azerbaijan is an eastern country, the nation belongs to eastern civilizations, and people is of eastern orientation. 
Round blue, red and green colors inside of shield means personifies Turkic origin, used in Azerbaijani flag and modernism and Islamism.
Eight-pointed star located in the middle of the shield is the symbol of the sun. Sun (also, the moon) is meaning of "eternal, endless life" in the world heraldic art. But white color of sun symbol means "peace, tranquility and peace loving"
Flame image in the center of Sun symbolizes "Odlar Yurdu" (Country of Fires)
In general, flame means progress, development in art of coat of arms. This symbol reflects fire-worship which had existed in ancient Azerbaijanis and national traditions related to fire worship (attitude to fire in "Novruz" holiday)

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