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"Great Return" Program


One of the largest programs of the Government of Azerbaijan realized in recent years is "Great Repatriation (Great Return) program". The international financial institutions, UN agencies, international and local humanitarian and development organizations founded by them also took an active part in the preparation of the program.
In "Great Return" program, the exact calculation of the damage caused to the occupied territories, as well as restoration and reconstruction work after the liberation of occupied territories is expected to begin.
Return program will be implemented after the signing of the agreement "Great Peace". The program will be implemented in stages in accordance with the peace agreement. The process of rebuilding, will be carried out in following stages: mine clearance operations, re-evaluation of the damage caused to each region and the rehabilitation works separately,  the restoration of the infrastructure - roads, communication facilities, etc. Then construction of new settlements will begin. Upon completion of the construction of the settlement the process of the return of internally displaced persons will take place. The last stage will be the creation of new jobs.

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