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www.garabagh.net website presented by us is a project reflecting the wide range of information about the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan. Functioning of the website in 7 languages derives from the need to deliver Garabagh realities to the world and it will create a rich abundance of information which we consider as our main strategy. 
It is noteworthy that the site with rich data base on Garabagh will be (especially the "state policy", "Khojaly genocide" and so on. Sections) renewed and continue to expand. The updating and expansion will be offered in all 7 languages. In addition, in order to make more interesting and visualize the information the video and photo gallery section of the website functions, too. 
Your suggestions and desires certainly will be taken into account in order to increase the project’s perfection. Therefore, be sure to contact us by using the comments section. 
Thank you in advance. 

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