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The appeal of Mr. Ilham Abduyev regarding www.butacolor.com project


Dear internet visitors!
On November 14 at 12:00 one of the most interesting projects of www.azerbaijans.com site, www.butacolor.com site will be launched. This site can be regarded as a continuation of our photo projects.
Given the fact that the people perceive each reality of the environment we are surrounded by in accordance with their tastes. Of course, from this point of view, to characterize each person his/her taste is to be referred besides other parameters. Tastes can be evaluated subject to a variety of subjects, one of them is a color, in other words, photos. So, everyone prefers photos with their aesthetic feeling and enjoys it. Thus, it is possible to make judgment of anybody’s taste by referring to the usual photo.
Sometimes a man needs to share his/her feelings, taste and so to show how to perceive the environment. We think that pictures, photos are products of namely such a need.

www.butacolor.com site which will be presented in 7 languages, was designed with purpose to satisfy the need in aesthetic feeling, virtual sharing of thought with photos as mentioned above, and to provide satisfaction of people achieved it.
The can be turned into personal photo archive of any user at individual sense. Because everybody will create photo album (folder) on various themes by uploading photos in database of the site on own page. Each photo will be possible to mark with titles which then will be used as the keywords while having a general search. It will be possible to write comments on pictures and to share its general content or feelings that picture creates, and so on. 

One of the features of the site is an addition of virtual private communication network to photo sharing. In other words, any operation related to photos uploaded in the database will be carried out at background of communication (to become friend with someone, to select your closest friends, to follow the activity of users either on your page or in general in the site, send a message to anyone, and so on.). In other words, the site is designed with a wide range of technical capabilities. Only registration will be payable on site.
Naturally, you will know better the site's features after being familiarized with it closer. I hope that likewise other projects this site will gain your consent and satisfaction. We are thankful in advance for each user sending us offers and wishes regarding the site.


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