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The appeal of Ilham Abduyev regarding the azerbaijanphoto.com project


Dear compatriots!
On October 1 the azerbaijans.com site will realize its other project.
The project with address of azerbaijanphoto.com is a part of a strategy for introducing to the world of our motherland Azerbaijan.
I want to note since the beginning that along with depicting a moment, a photo has the ability to visualize in detail the moment. We become familiar with whatever we did not see and know and more information just with the photos. Sometimes there are such inaccessible beauties that no other means but photo helps to understand them and to get enjoyed of them in a way close to a real life.
The azerbaijanphoto.com site has been developed taking into account this criteria. In other words, to visualize and present to you and the entire world our cities, villages, towns, its intriguing and unique nature, in general the separate scenes of life of Azerbaijan was our main goal. Let me to note also that azerbaijanphoto.com site was designed to be an ambitious site with the largest photo archive (or photo database). The site will be enriched periodically with additions. Therefore any organization, department or enterprise, as well as individuals may apply to us with their photos on Azerbaijan.

More than 100,000 photo images were placed in the photo database of azerbaijanphoto.com site from nearly 3,000 villages, towns and settlements. We have gathered all these original photos by passing roads by the days, months, travelling, and enduring the natural caprices thanks to great labor and enthusiasm. Because we always, at any moment think about importance, significance of making every Azerbaijani and foreigner get familiarized with each inch of our homeland. By the way, let me inform you that the site will contain the video footage that will be of special interest. These videos were recorded during photo shootings of the site.

Dear friends, I believe that like other projects, this project will be a window to the world in recognition of the country and will occupy an important place in the presentation of the new photos. We look forward for your wishes and offers.


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