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The appeal of Mr.Ilham Abduyev regarding www.butalife.com project


Dear compatriots!
We have informed you about new projects undertaken by the www.azerbaijans.com site. On September 17, at 12 oclock the next such project – www.butalife.com, the social networking site will be launched. It is known that socialization in the different spheres of the life of every human being, especially in the modern information society, is the basic conditions in directions of both his individual and the social development. Thus, at any given moment the gathering, analyzing of the information that surrounds us, mastering and exchange of the information has a special role in the formation of the modern outlook. Namely, the socialization makes the human being an active member of the society and increases worthiness of each individual for the public.
Butalife.com, the social network chosen all of these as the main target, will differ from other social networks, particularly national networks, for its type and nature.
The site, first of all, will be a window from Azerbaijan to the world. Thus, the site will function in several languages. The main goal in multilingualism is to gain international status, besides national nature, and to turn it into one of the most reliable places of social debates in the world. butalife.com social networking will be a site that will combine in self many advantageous moments of other well-known social networks in internet space both from visual and technical point of view, including psychological aspects. In addition, the online TV, the block with the headline of world's most popular news media, the blogger pages, examination, testing, and other business units will be added in the site, which can be regarded as an innovation for social networks.

Dear internet visitors!
Whatever I have noted is just some features of butalife.com social network. Full detailed information, of course, you will get after being acquainted with website.
Therefore, I address to all Azerbaijanis, especially the young people, active participants in social life of our society, as well as readers of www.azerbaijans.com, www.garabagh.net, www.abduyev.com websites, and invite them to visit the social networking website www.butalife.com. First of all, we should make efforts for gaining the international status of butalife.com site, turning it to a part of the global social network and to be a place of proud of all Azerbaijanis. I hope that both in the direction of socialization and intellectual activity, as well as in the establishment of a modern information society butalife.com will be a site distinguishing with own features. All of us should be in one place, in one space for that. Let’s us demonstrate our unity and equality  at 12 oclock  on September 17, 2012 to make a start in life of butalife.com!


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