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Mine threats


One part of territories in the regions liberated from occupation like Fuzuli, Tartar, Aghdam, Goranboy after reaching the ceasefire in 1994 between Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well along the line of controls the problem of mined areas and areas with unexploded ammunitions began show itself. Armenian forces occupied Azerbaijani territories planted installed numerous mines in these territories and explosions of mine have been a cause for human losses at front lines in spite of cease-fire.
Works for cleaning of territories which have been suffered from war from mines and restoration works have began from 1996. But as this work required big funds, professional specialists, study of international practice, purchase of modern machinery so there was as need in a separate state   organization dealing with these activities. National Agency on Demining of Azerbaijan territories (ANAMA) for demining of areas from mines, create conditions for living of people in suffered areas at war was established in 1998. Agency along with demining operations implements the enlightenment works on mine threats in Azerbaijan to assist persons suffered from mines.   
At the result of investigation of the Study of Impact 163 communities were revealed suffered from unexploded ammunitions and 480 from mines. It was defined that from total danger probability 970 areas the safety of approximately 514 000 persons and living is under negative impact. Till date at 164 796 810 square metres of area 661.983 mines, projectiles, hand grenades and other explosive weapons and ammunitions have been found and made harmless by agency till date.
18-20 millions square metre of polluted areas is cleaned every year in the boundary regions. But despite of it about 2500 people became victims of explosions of mine as a whole since the beginning of the Garabagh conflict, from which 366 were died, and over 2 thousand have been wounded. 47 from persons which died are children, 10 women, 309 are men. But 228 from persons wounded are children, 40 - women, 1735 -men. 
Specialists note that to specify the scale of the pollution of the territories being under occupation with mine/Unexploded ammunition is not possible. Besides Nagorno Garabagh whole areas of regions Jabrail, Zangilan, Gubadly, Lachin, Kalbajar are under control of Armenian Armed Forces and part of the regions of Fuzuli, Tartar, Aghdam. In these regions with high level of mine/Unexploded ammunition pollution it is assumed that more than 50 000 to 100 000 thousand mines in area of 350 to 830 million sq.meters  are installed.  
Mine cleaning operations are continued by the Agency in  Aghdam, Aghjabadi, Barda, Fuzuli, Goranboy and Tartar regions at present.

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