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Clarifications of Mr. Ilham Abduyev on new projects


Dear compatriots,
Our three projects implemented by www.azerbaijans.com site for several months are going to be over already. One of projects is www.butalife.com site. As previously announced, the main purpose of this site is to set Internet Society in the country and around the world, to unite in one group of users with common interests, to get establishing of compact contacts as a social network.
The second project is the site of www.butacolor.com photo-sharing site. This site will function as a photo database. By being registered user may upload photos having search system or will get photo on any desired subject.
The third project is the site of the www.azerbaijanphoto.com site. The site is a project that can create an opportunity to know visually all our cities, towns, villages, rural areas. Thus internet users will virtually watch the historical places of Azerbaijan, magnificent nature. Let’s note that all three projects are expected to be launched by September-October.
After completion of these three projects beginning from October the implementation of another four projects will be started. We want to bring it to your attention in advance that these projects were prepared basing on some of our offers made before in connection with creation of “Virtual-Garabagh" Centre. These projects are as follows:
1. Creation of groups of friends of foreign citizens of Azerbaijan in social networks;
This project aims to create groups of propaganda in social networks in accordance with the various states and their languages, at the same time to provide delivery of the Garabagh realities to the world.
2.  For students of high schools of the world, " Virtual Garabagh” student forum 
Project aims to implement discussion, study and search of the ways of settlement of Garabagh problem and similar conflicts in the world among students.
3. The creation of the web resource on the villages of Garabagh;
The aim of the project is to prepare a virtual encyclopedia on history, geography, uniqueness of Garabagh villages being under occupation and provide wide information to Internet users on our residential areas.  
4.  Creation of virtual library “Annuls of Garabagh” combining all the scientific books, articles, magazines and so on dedicated to Garabagh.   
Through this project, it is expected to collect large information on history and current status of    Nagorno-Garabagh conflict and to provide electronic reading of the materials on history of Garabakh, culture, nature.
It is known that recently intensive discussion is carried out in the media in connection with creation of   "Virtual-Garabagh" Information and Communication Technology Center. We, being a group of intelligence made our proposals on "Virtual-Garabagh" . We want to emphasize again that the state structures should have a leading position in formation of "Virtual-Garabagh",  determination of  directions of its further development, enrichment, and governing  with control over center and according to state policy. However, we believe that this direction may have some of the proposals and projects that  may be carried out by the civil society representatives. Therefore through www.azerbaijans.com
 and www.garabagh.net sites as a part of this work, as a citizen we intend to contribute in creation of “Virtual-Garabagh" Centre and its successful functioning.
Please, send your wishes and suggestions for the implementation of projects successfully and efficiently by addressing us on info@azerbaijans.com e-mail address. Let’s not forget that at the very least this is our civic duty to Azerbaijan and our state. Thank you in advance. 

Ilham Abduyev, the author of ideas and founder of www.azerbaijans.com site

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