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Clarification in relation to the discussion of the "Virtual-Garabagh" project in Mass media


My dear compatriots, I’d like to express that my offers made on July 2 in www.azerbaijans.com and www.garabagh.net   websites in relation of establishing of Center for Information and Communication Technologies, “Virtual-Garabakh” in a short time was commented both in mass media and internet portals widely and in various aspects. Of course, such a rapid reaction to my offers pleased me very much. As an ordinary citizen of Azerbaijan I welcome the idea of establishment of “Virtual-Garabagh" center and as I showed in set of offers, I deem it appropriate to operate in diversified direction. I am confident that by doing it we will be able to gain greater achievements both in delivery of the truth about Garabagh realities to the world as it is and in gaining absolute superiority in information war. In particular, I want to emphasize that the contribution of relevant government agencies in creation of such a center and propaganda in the world should be considered more important and purposeful. Because in formation, determination of directions of its further development, enrichment of "Virtual-Garabagh”, having both the public and social essence in itself, in control of center and administration according to state policy, government agencies must have a leading position. Naturally, I deem as an important the support of non-governmental organizations, public associations, intellectuals to the relevant state organizations in this issue. Being an intellect group to put this set of offers for discussion serves namely to this target. Both as the duty of citizen, as well as being www.azerbaijans.com  and www.garabagh.net , we are ready to provide our assistance and contribution in such an important case to executive entities that will operate here.      

Ilham Abduyev, the author of idea and the founder of  garabagh.net  website
July 06, 2012

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