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Recognition of the Khojaly genocide in Columbia


In April 2012 a decision was made by the Senate of Colombia in connection with the occupation of Azerbaijani territories. In Annex to that decision the information about the history of aggressive policy against Azerbaijan was provided; the position of Azerbaijan was reflected, including the occupation of Nagorno Garabagh region of Azerbaijan and other 7 regions adjacent to Garabagh and still being under the occupation of Armenian armed forces.  It was also informed in the decision that more than 1 million Azerbaijani became refugees and internally displaced persons, and the violence committed against the Azerbaijani population and the violation of human rights took place, and it was decisively condemned.  In addition, an important fact was that all these crimes committed in Khojaly were named as genocide.  Prior to giving the decision for consideration of the Senate it was discussed at the 2nd commission on foreign affairs and defence of Columbia. The decision was unanimously adopted at the meeting held with the participation of 102 senators.
The Senate at the same time called the Armenians to comply with 4 resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council.

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