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Garabagh dances


Azerbaijani folk dances have an ancient history. As a type of folk dances were created by the people and passed from generation to generation for centuries. Dances are characteristic for instrumental folk dance music of Azerbaijan with the richness of tone, symmetry of structure, diversity of range, the gradual development, repeat, the method of variation and sequence.
Each region of Azerbaijan has its own dances that by passing of time these dances were entered in the golden fund of the art of Azerbaijan.
Two of these famous dances were formed in Garabagh region.  We bring these dances bring to your attention.
"Uzundere" is very attractive, elegant and lyrical and expressive dance. It is considered to be one of the favorite dances not only in Azerbaijan but also in the Caucasus. In Garabagh, between Agdam and Goytapa village there is a valley called "Uzundere”. This dance is dedicated to this valley.
ASTA Garabaghi
"Asta Garabaghi" is a dance created in Garabagh. Movement sequence in the dance is stable, and performed at quiet part in the site and then with a little bit of movement. The temp of the dance is constant.

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