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Activity of community


"Azerbaijani community of Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan Republic" Public Union for the purpose of restoration of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the Nagorno-Karabakh is to help displaced people return to their native lands.
To achieve the above objective, the Community has been operating in the following directions:
Azerbaijani community of Nagorno-Garabagh region of Azerbaijan Republic (hereinafter referred to as the Community) increases the activity related to the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Garabagh.
To inform about the large scale measures carried out by president of the country in connection with   history of the conflict.
To study social-economic problems of members of the community and to achieve their solution via relevant state bodies;
To arrange cultural-mass events, sport competitions, to create conditions for participating of youths in local and international competitions, sport tournaments
 Protection of cultural heritage  and to mobilize potential of community, to create conditions for education of youth from Upper Garabagh       
Community members learn about the socio-economic problems and their solution through the relevant government agencies;
Protection of cultural heritage in the Nagorno-Garabagh and promotion opportunities to mobilize the community, to promote education in foreign countries;
To arrange for promoting in children and young people ,the patriotism feelings, to increase struggle spirit  against extremism and discrimination; 
To represent the Community in negotiations conducted with international organizations and entities dealing with the problem of Nagorno-Garabagh, to coordinate international relations and activity in  the field of cooperation with relevant government agencies;
To declare to the world the will of Azerbaijanis in Nagorno-Karabakh to return to their native lands, and to declare their intention to live in peace and tranquility
To collect information about limitations faced by the Azerbaijanis in the areas occupied by Armenia and faced by the civil Azerbaijanis, population of occupied areas, nature, and ecological status, to analyze it and to enlighten it local and foreign media
To defend rights and interests of  internally displaced persons and refugees from Nagorno-Garabagh as a result of Armenian aggression, to protect citizens' rights and interests, to raise the issues on violated rights of community members to the international organizations and courts;
To provide legal assistance to community members;
For the formation of international opinion in favor of Azerbaijan to use more and extensively of Internet resources;
To deliver to the public of countries of their education the realities about the Nagorno-Garabagh in order, especially in the creation of associations of young people of Garabagh origin;
Creating conditions at the events arranged by the Garabagh origin experts and youth educated abroad to deliver the stand of community to the world; 
To cooperate with relevant state bodies and international organizations for clarification of the fate of prisoners of war and missing persons and return them. 
 Promotion of international projects and programs for solution of problems of the community, to cooperate with local and international non-governmental organizations;
To get the promotion of international  design and programs on "People's diplomacy" with the Armenian community of Nagorno-Garabagh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan within the framework of the organization of work;
To follow the materials from Mass media and electronic information on Nagorno-Garabagh, to observe, analyze and react immediately, to arrange meetings and briefings for the representatives of local and foreign press;
To participate in preparation of program related to return to native lands and implementation of events stipulated in State Program; 
 Issues related to the legislative body, to raise the issues on interests of the community and with the help of members of Parliament, to assist in arrangement of hearings in parliaments of foreign countries, to arrange meetings and organize the lobbying.

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