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Kharibulbul (Ophrys Caucasica)



Harı Bulbul is the rare endemic type of plant of Azerbaijan. It is mainly found in the territory of Karabakh. It is distinguished with special beauty. It is a symbol of Karabakh, in particular of Shusha.
There are other names of hari bulbul - Caucasian qash Sahlabi. It is the perennial plant reproduced with seeds. It belongs to Haribulbul orchids (latin: Orchidaceae) class, ofphis (lat. Ophrys) kind. Ophrys kind has more than 50 species and many of them are available in different regions of Azerbaijan and in general in the Caucasus and Transcaucasia. The rest grows in Turkey, Greece, the Crimea and other places.

The plant as we called Haribulbul in Latin called as Ophrys Caucasica or Ophrys Mammosa. Ophrys is word of Greek origin, and means "jewel" . Orphyses like many orchids depends on symbiotic fungus existing jointly in root tissue and required for plant. Therefore, these plants can not be planted in other places - they will be destroyed. Pollination of ophrys takes place with the help of shining winged insects and its flowers repeat the form and appearance of the insects attracts them. Depending of fungus and certain types of insects makes ophrys very sensitive to environmental changes. Therefore, these plants are considered rare plants. They are preserved by the state. Haribulbul (Ophrys Caucasica) and many other types of Ophrys even have been included in the Red Book.

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