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Khojaly – in the mirror of foreign mass media


Committing Khojaly genocide with special cruelty horrified Russian, Georgian, English, French, German, American journalist and publicists, and of other countries.  
Extracts from the international media about the Khojaly genocide:
"Armenians attacked Khojaly. The whole world witnessed the disfigured dead bodies. Azerbaijanis informed about the many killed. "
"Crua l'Eveneman" magazine (Paris), February 29, 1992.

"The Armenian soldiers destroyed thousands of families"
"Sunday Times" newspaper (London), March 1, 1992.

"The Armenians shot the group going to Aghdam. Azerbaijanis counted up to 1200 dead bodies. Lebanese cameraman has confirmed that his country's rich community of Dashnak supply weapons and people to Karabakh. "
"Financial Times" newspaper (London), March 9, 1992.

"Many of them disfigured, baby girl had only the head.
"Times" newspaper (London), March 4, 1992.

"The camera showed the children's ears cut off. A woman's face was cut by half. Scalps of men were taken out. "
"Izvestia" newspaper (Moscow), March 4, 1992.

"The foreign journalists visited Agdam had seen 3 people among killed women and children in Khojaly with taken scalps and nails"
"Le Monde" newspaper (Paris), March 14, 1992.

"Major Leonid Kravets: I personally saw about hundred corpses on the hill. There was a beheaded boy. Everywhere women, children, old people hilled with special cruelty were seen. "
"Izvestia" (Moscow), March 13, 1992.

"The Armenian armed forces in the region, together with the men from the Middle East possess the modern equipment, including helicopters. ASALA owns military camps and arms depots in Syria and Lebanon. Armenians committed massacres in the Muslim villages and killed more than hundred Azerbaijanis of Karabakh.
 "Valer Actuel" magazine (Paris), March 14, 1992.

“It is impossible to justify Khojaly in the eyes of the world community."
R. Patrick, journalist of "Fanta Main News" TV company of England was at the scene of event and reported from there.

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