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On the musical instruments


The musical instruments of Azerbaijan, which is considered as national wealth, are distinguished with richness and variety of types. Most of them were emerged in ancient times, get improved and reached our time. "Tambourine playing rock" of 6 thousand years old, located near the Gobustan rock pictures were used by our ancestors as a percussion instrument. In all areas, where Azerbaijanis live, including Azerbaijan's historical land Garabagh, the engravings of various musical instruments on items found during archaeological excavations proves their ancient history.
According to the classification of researchers from the musical instruments spread in Azerbaijan 32 were stringed instruments (of them 26 played with mizrab, 4 with bow, 2 with stick), 23 of wind, 16 of percussion, 17 were self sounded instruments. The majority of these instruments are also widely spread in Garabagh region. We bring them to your attention.

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