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Agdara region located in the north of Nagorno-Karabakh region was founded during the Soviet rule in 1930. Till 1939it was called as Jerabert, from that year till 1991 as Mardakert. In 1991, the name of area restored. In October 1992 by decision of the government of Azerbaijan, the territory of Aghdara region was divided among three regions outside of Karabakh - Tartar, Aghdam, and Kelbajar.
In 1992, as a result of attack of Azerbaijan army Agdara city was liberated on July 4 from Armenian invaders. In July 7, 1993 the Armenian army re-occupied the city Agdara. Agdara was one of the important agricultural regions of Karabakh zone. The economy dominated by the viticulture, grain cropping , tobacco, and cattle-breeding.
Among the well-known architectural monuments of the region are Ganjasar Albanian temple in the village of Vangli, holy Iako temple in the village Kolatag (of 635), Urek temple (XII century) near the village of Talysh, the temple at upper flow of the river Tartar (XIII century), Hatem Malik Tower, many ancient temples and bridges. All of these were destroyed by the Armenian occupants.
The territory of Agdara is currently under Armenian occupation.

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