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About the Republic of Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan Republic is a democratic, legal, secular, unitary republic. From ethnic and religious point of view it is a Turk and Muslim-majority country. The legislative power in the country belongs to Milli Mejlis (the National Assembly), executive power to President, the judicial power to the courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The state language of the Republic of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani. All documentations are carried out in the state language only.
Azerbaijan is located in the junction of the Europe and Asia, in the southeastern part of the South Caucasus. It has borders in the North with Russian Federation (RF), in the south with the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), in the west with Turkey, Georgia and Armenia, and with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in the east across the Caspian Sea.
The capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan is Baku city. The territory of the country is 86,600 sq.km and a population is 9 million 165 thousand people (according to census of 2011).
At present, Republic of Azerbaijan consists of 1 (one) Autonomous Republic, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR) and 90 (ninety) administrative-territorial units (including 66 regions, 11 cities and 13 urban districts).
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