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Illegal exploring of natural resources


There are 155 types of various minerals on the occupied by Armenians Azerbaijani territory of Garabagh, including gold deposits, mercury deposits, copper deposits, lead and zinc deposit, facing stone deposits, saw stone deposits, cement raw material deposits, underground freshwater and mineral water deposits.
Using of perennial rare trees of Garabagh forests in the town of Shusha as a fuel, construction works in Shusha Topkhana forest reserve area, south of the town of Shusha, destruction with  cruelty the "Kan Cave” of length  114 meters consisted of  Titon-age olld lime stones  located at 1365 meters above sea level, complete destruction of  200 species of large diameter perennial trees at Shusha’s upper part  in so-called Four-way , at the left side of Lachin str, at G. Asgerov str were determined by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.
1143 thousand cubic meters of reserves, which have been approved and put into operation before the occupation of Shusha region,  Kechaldagh clay deposits useful for the production of brick-keramide, 397 thousand cubic meters, underground fresh water of reserves, which  maintenance reserves of 50 thousand cubic meters per day in Shusha, Turshsu and Sirlan mineral water deposits of medical importance with operating reserves of 60 thousand cubic meters of water and 25 thousand cubic meters of water from  Garabagh are subjected to exploitation by Armenians. 

1500-2000 oak trees which were planted and grown for many years in Shusha "Hacha yal" area and oak trees were cut by Armenians and taken out.  
Facing stone in Khojavend region, Khojavand limestone suitable for lime production, in Aghdere region the rich industrial reserve of 13.6 unit of gold in Qızılbulaq excavation field, as well as 47.9 million tons of rich copper deposits and other deposits are being exploited by the Armenians at this time.
In recent years investments continue to arrive in the occupied territories for more intensive exploitation of natural resources. Some companies established by Armenian origin persons in foreign countries carry out a special function in order to exploit natural resources in Garabagh.
At present, investments from the Armenians living in the United States, Canada, France, Australia, Switzerland, Lebanon, Russia and Armenia are directed to Garabagh. The total volume of direct investment in this region is 40 million dollars. The global Armenian Diaspora is a leader in such investments. For recent years more than 30 companies began to work illegally in the exploitation of underground resources in Garabagh region of Azerbaijan. 
Unfortunately, the Armenians besides Nagorno-Garabagh region exploit and destroy natural resources in the occupied Lachin, Kalbajar, Gubadli, Zangilan, Jabrail, Fizuli, Aghdam regions. For example, in Kalbajar region Zod, in Aghdere region Qızılbulaq and in Zangilan region Vejnali gold deposits are currently operated by the invaders. There are facts of the exploitation of natural resources in Armenian occupied Lachin region. Since 1995, the Lachin forests with area of 25 thousand square kilometers are destroyed in order to manufacture the furniture. This document was also confirmed by the deputies and politicians of many countries. 
At the same time, the forest of valuable tree species in Gubadly region, large reserve of underground resources, water resources rich in mineral substances were exploited, flora and fauna with distinctive nature have been destroyed. Ayıfındıgı nuts growing at a height of 1500-2100 meters above sea level in Kelbajar region, with 25 meters in height, a diameter of 48-120 centimeters, or agajvary  (tree like0 nut, in Zangilan region, eastern chinar, being the 1st in Europe, walnut and other valuable trees with a 107 hectare area were totally destroyed by Armenians and taken as inner material.  

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