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About Garabagh cuisine


One of the first centers of culinary culture and cuisine of Azerbaijan the Karabakh cuisine closest to the Eastern cuisine for taste and cooking, as well as for addition hot spice and savory cuisine.
Since the Soviet-era names of 15 most famous dishes were stolen from the Azerbaijan cuisine and Armenized. More than half of these dishes from Karabakh cuisine.
In Karabakh cuisine sheep and beef roast, gavli, dolma, yakhni, bozbash, kallapacha, sachichi, jiz-biz and various pilafs are cooked. Fried and boiled river fish are also used. Dried fruits are widely used in Garabagh cuisine. They are used in coking of pilaf, soup, meat dishes and dessert preparation and served at table as dried fruits. Jad, meat qutab,fasali, cakes, pie, pakhlava, quymaq, halva, crackers with almond, shorgogal, dovgha, different types of kebab, etc. dishes are cooked. In general, the Karabakh cuisine is rich  and is a base for modern  Karabagh cuisine.

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