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Javad Bahadur oglu Kurbanov
Javad Kurbanov was born in the town of Shusha. He was honored sports figure, honored coach, several time fencing champion, and referee of the all-union and International category.
C. Kurbanov is one of the founders of the fencing sport. He worked for many years as head coach of the republican team. His students became participants and medalists of the European, World and Olympic games. 

Chingis Idris oglu Maharramov (1940-2002)
Chingiz Maharramov  was wrestling champion on Shusha, and winner of then Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast. He also won the award acting on behalf of the Ukrainian Army Sports Club (OIK). Ch. Maharramov worked as coach at the young age group of the football in "Neftchi” sports club.

Eldar Mukhtar oglu Azimzade
The International Football referee Eldar Azimzade was born in Shusha. The graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture of Azerbaijan in 1957 (now the Academy of Sport), and began to work in the department of sports games high school.
A. Azimzade Football started its activity as a referee since 1957. He was a referee at Baku championship, the second group of the USSR, the 1st group of the USSR. He was included in the list of 10 most powerful referees of the USSR. A. Azimzade considered to be the referee No 1 of the USSR during 1979-1980-season.
For high level referee work at the final game of soccer competition (Germany - Czechoslovakia) within the Olympiad held in Moscow in 1980 A. Azimzade was awarded with the gold medal and diploma. A. Azimzade acted as referee in Mexico, Iran, Algeria and was awarded with the golden whistle.

Hidayat  Mirza Javad oglu Yusifov
Hidayat Yusifov was born in the town of Shusha. He engaged in gymnastics, wrestling and weight lifting as well. H. Yusifov was a member of sports society "Dinamo". He participated at Baku city and republican championships, and won awards.

Jala Oktay kizi Agayeva
Jala Agayeva was born in Shusha. Since 2001, she is a member of the Board of Referees under the Volleyball Federation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. J. Agayeva was awarded the title of Republican referee for good work as referee at Olympic qualifying tournaments in Europe and as well as European Cup competitions

Oktay Asadulla oglu Guliyev
Boxer, referee of the Soviet Union and the International level Oktay Guliyev is of Shusha origin. In 1950 he began to engage in box at "Iskra" sports society and in 1954 became the boxing champion of Azerbaijan. At zonal USSR championship in 1955 he won the 3rd place. O. Guliyev was awarded the title of master of sports of the USSR in 1958,, the republican level referee  in 1961, honored coach in 1997 and "Honorable worker of physical culture and sport" in 2001. O. Guliyev is an author of 60 scientific articles and publications related to sport, the author of the textbooks. In 1997 he became a professor.

T. Abbasov
T. Abbasov was born in Baku. He is Shusha origin. He is honored coach of the USSR on Basketball, the All-Union and International category referee, professor. Although T. Abbasov wounded in World War II he could take out the commander from the scene of battle. He was awarded with "Red flag" and other medals.

Yapon Azer oglu Hajiyev
Yapon Hajiyev was born in Shusha. He was champion of karate in 2004 on Baku and on Azerbaijan in 2005. Y. Hajiyev began to deal with kick-boxing from 2005. In 2006, at kick-boxing World Championship held in the Ukrainian city of Yalta he won the 3rd place (57 kg). He became of winner of international competitions held in the same year in Dagestan and Georgia. Y. Hajiyev returned home with a gold medal from the city of Kiev, Ukraine in 2007 winning at the World championship. In 2008, having full superiority over the Armenian representative in the final of the international tournament held in Odessa, Ukraine he won the gold medal.
Double world champion Yapon Hajiyev studied at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport (2007-2011).

Zakir Allahveren oglu Babayev
The first USSR master of sports born in Shusha was Babyev Zakir. He finished the secondary school № 1in the town of Shusha. Z. Babayev won the 2nd place at city wrestling championship in 1957, and Greco-Roman wrestling in the same year Fizuli at the Karabakh Open Championship (62 kg). Among the championship among youth held in Baku in 1958 he won the second place.
Z. Babayev was awarded the title of "USSR Master of Sports" in 1964 due to fulfilling of requirements of USSR master of sports on Greco-Roman wrestling. In 2000 he was awarded the title of "Honorary worker of physical culture and sport" of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

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