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Martyr journalists


Aly Mustafa oglu Mustafayev (1952-1991) – TV journalist, National Hero of Azerbaijan.

Aly Mustafayev worked in Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Azerbaijan. He was known as capable and efficient TV reporter for his full text reportage, essay, and interviews and effective programs.
During the war in Nagorno-Garabagh he prepared reports and interviews from hot points, as well as from high-level official meetings. He was the parliamentary correspondent in Moscow by the Supreme Assembly of the Republic of Azerbaijan (1989-1990). According to the activity in 1991 he was awarded with "Journalist of the Year" award. In November 19, 1991, he became a martyr near the village of Garakand in Nagorno-Garabagh when a peace will helicopter was shot by the enemy. He was buried in Martyrs' Alley in Baku.

Salatin Azi kizi Askerova (1961-1991) - journalist, correspondent of "Molodej Azerbaijan" newspaper, National Hero of Azerbaijan.

Salatin Askerova was encircled on January 9, 1991 while going to Shusha from Lachin at 6th km of the road, near the Qaladeresi village by the Armenian forces, and the car was shot intensively from the close distance. As a result, Salatin Askerova, heroic journalist was killed mercilessly. She was buried in Martyrs' Alley in Baku.

Chingiz Fuad oglu Mustafayev (1960-1992) - TV, journalist National Hero of Azerbaijan

Chingiz Mustafayev although was a doctor, but he had a great interest in journalism. This interest had shown self at the time of the events of 20 January 1990. Thus, Chingiz shot the atrocities committed by the Soviet army in Baku. Since 1991 he devoted his life to journalism as a whole.
Programs of KL 215 studio founded by Chingiz allowed seeing these reports about Azerbaijan, being in media blockade, in US and European leading media.
By the film Khojaly shot by Chingiz the image of Armenia was suffered all over the world Hero journalist was killed by the shells on June 15, 1992, while shooting in the village of Nakhchivani of Khojaly region

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