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Firidun bey Kocharli (1863-1920)
Firidun bey Kocharli was born in Shusha. He is an outstanding educator, teacher, methodologist, was a literary critic and publicist.
F. Kocharli taught at the Gori seminary in 1895-1918. During Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan in 1918-1920 he worked as the head of the Seminary of teachers opened on his initiative in Kazakh.  
F. Kocharli was shot dead by a special unit of XI Red Army after the suppression of  Ganja revolt. 
Kerimbey Mustafabey oglu Mehmandarov (1854-1929)
 Kerimbey Mehmandarov was born in Shusha. He was Azerbaijani therapist and surgeon.
K. Mehmandarov from Baku gymnasium in 1872. In 1877 he worked as doctor in St. Petersburg military hospital clinic (hospital). K. Mehmandarov to Azerbaijan in 1883 and continued here the medical activity. His researches dedicated to the prevention and treatment of epidemic infectious diseases.

Khudadat Aga oglu Melikaslanov (1879-1935)
Khudadat Melikaslanov was born in the town of Shusha. He was the engineer of the railway transport, the first Azerbaijani professor in the field of technical sciences. Kh.Melikaslanov was the Minister of Roads and Communications in the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan in 1918-1920. In 1921 the he worked as lecturer in Baku Polytechnic Institute (now the Azerbaijan Technical University), professor (1921). Kh. Melikaslanov’s more than 70 works (3 monographs relating to railway transport, etc.) have been published.

Mirmusa Hashim oglu Agamirov (1886-1947)
Mirmusa Agamirov was born in Shusha. He was one of the first botanical scientists of Azerbaijan. He taught in Sheki schools (since 1906) and a number of high schools of Baku. During 1935-1943 he worked as head of the plant anatomy and physiology department at present Azerbaijan Agrarian University, Azerbaijan Pedagogical University, Baku State University, 

Sara Najaf bey kizi  Vezirova (1889-1961)
Sara Vezirova was born in Shusha. He was enlightenment figure of Azerbaijan. S. Vezirova in 1907 graduated from school "Saint Nina". She worked as teacher at the first Russian-Muslim (Azerbaijan) female school, as head of the II Russian-Muslim girl's school during 1910 and 1920. 

Badalbey Bashir oglu Badalbeyov (1875-1932)
Badalbey Badalbeyov was born in Shusha. He graduated from the Seminary of Gori, was a teacher for a time in Shusha. Then the worked as head of 6th Russian-Muslim school in Baku (Azerbaijan). The school is known by his name. In order to attract children to school he carried out educational campaign among the population, education, delivered lectures and read papers on the issues of improvement of professional skills of teachers, etc.

Aslan bey Zeynalabdin oglu Vezirov (Vezirzade) (1898 -?)
One of the first students of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, Professor Aslan bey Vezirov was born in the town of Shusha. He graduated from the school with a gold medal in 1915 and entered in Saint-Petersburg Institute of Mining Engineers. A. Vezirov was sent to France to get a higher education with the order of the ADR in 1919. In 1925 he graduated from the physics and chemistry faculty of the University of Paris and geology faculty of Institute of Geology of Nansi and returned to Baku.
A. Vezirov began work in exploration dept of Azerneft. At the same time he  began to teach at the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute (now Technical University).

Adil Abutalib oglu Sadiqov (1903-1983)
Adil Sadigov was born in Shusha. Azerbaijani therapist A. Sadigov was doctor of medical sciences, professor, and scientist. A. Sadigov’s studies are dedicated to the country pathology, cardio-vascular system, gastroenterology and balneology. During 1965-72 he was professor in Azerbaijan State Medical Institute (now the Azerbaijan Medical University) named after N. Narimanov, he was professor of the department of internal diseases’ propaedeutics.

Khanlar Javad oglu Hajiyev (1903-1969)
Khanlar Hajiyev was born in Shusha. He was surgeon of Azerbaijan, doctor of medical sciences, professor, major general of medical services. Worked as the head of the department of operative surgery at the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute. Kh.Hajiyev since 1967 till the end of his life headed the department of surgery of Azerbaijan State Doctors Improvement Institute. His researches, mainly were dedicated to bile peritonitis as a result of typhoid cholesestitis, the observed perisplenitis malaria splenomegalia, its pathogenesis, lung echinococcus, endemic goiter disease, and so on.
Zahra Mustafa kizi Sahtakhtinskaya (1895-1977)
Zahra Sahtakhtinskaya was born in Khankendi. Since 1922 she worked as the dean of the biology faculty of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute. Head of the Department of Zoology since 1937. In particular, she dealt with researches on parasite worms in birds living in the water and marsh birds. She was the author of textbooks, a number of scientific publications.

Asad Fatulla oglu Rustambeyov (1911-1982)
Asad Rustambeyov was born in Shusha. He was Azerbaijani scientist, specialist in the field of oil and gas wells drilling. A.Rustambeyov carried out research on issues of deep and deepest drilling technology. He assisted to specialists of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, as well as our regions in application of new techniques and technology. He is an author of a number of scientific works and inventions.

Jamil Bahadur oglu Guliyev (1927-2010)
Jamil Guliyev was born in Shusha. He is Azerbaijani historian, doctor of historical sciences, professor. J. Guliyev had gradated from, Moscow State University in 1949, and in 1952 its postgraduate studies. He was a teacher of ASU in 1952-59 and 70 in 1968 (now Baku State University), lecturer, associate professor, at the same time in 1953-58 chief scientific officer, at the Institute of Party history of the Azerbaijan Communist Party, the deputy director for the scientific activity of the same institute during 1958-72. J. Guliyev was director of the Institute of History of Azerbaijan SSR Academy of Sciences in 1972-77.

Jalal Eyvaz oglu Allahverdiyev (1929)
Jalal Allahverdiyev was born in Shusha. Azerbaijani mathematician, corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (now the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) (1972), State Prize laureate of the Azerbaijan SSR (1972). He was director of the Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR since 1970. J.Allahverdiyev conducted functional analysis in the field of the differential changes, mathematical problems of cybernetics research. J. Allahverdiyev has reported on international congresses and symposiums in Moscow (1962, 1966), Yerevan (1965), Sofia (1967, 1972), Belgrade (1971), Baku (1971, 1973) and Paris (1972).

Mirvari Mammad kizi Tagiyeva. (1918)
Mirvari Tagiyeva was born in Khankendi city. She is doctor of medical sciences, professor. M. Tagiyeva is assistant in Azerbaijan State Medical Institute (now the Medical University), in 1st hospital surgical department. Since 1979 she was a professor in hospital-surgical department and the faculty. Her study mainly was dedicated to the biliary complications, surgical treatment of liver and abdominal cavity organs. 

Pasha Habib oglu Rustamov (1920)
Pasha Rustamov was born in Shusha. He is doctor of chemical sciences on inorganic chemistry, professor, member of Academy of Sciences of ASSR (now the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) (1983). He was the head of the department of inorganic chemistry since 1959 at the Institute of Chemistry Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, at ASU  semi-chemical laboratory since 1983 (now University). P. Rustamov delivered speech in Switzerland (1970), France (1971), FRG (1980) and Russia (1982) at international conferences and symposia

Ashraf Isgender oglu Huseynov (1907-1981)
Mathematician, scientist, academician Huseynov was born in Jabrail. He delivered special courses, lectures on various issues of mathematical analysis, differential equations, and integral equations, equations of mathematical physics, theory and nonlinear functional analysis of the variables. Academician had delivered lectures in higher education institutions of the CIS countries, Tirana University of Albania.
He is the author of textbooks in Azerbaijani language "Integral equations" and "Theory of sets," 

Mehdi Muhammad oglu Mehdizade (1903-1984)
Scholar, teacher, scientist and educator Mehdi Mehdizade was born in the village of Dashkasan of Jabrail region. He was a member of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. For many years he managed the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.

Sattar Majid oglu Asadov (1910-1974)
Sattar Asadov was born in Shusha. He was the zoologist-parasitologist , doctor of  biological sciences, professor, a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR (now the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) . The main research of S. Asadov dedicated to main theoretical issues of parasitology, the specification of parasites for its owners and landscapes, natural and local habitations.

Khudu Surkhay oglu Mamedov (1927-1988)
He was born in the village of Merzili of  Aghdam region .He was Azerbaijani 
crystallographistl-scientist, correspondent member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.
 His main areas of research was crystallochemistry . He studied molecular and crystallic structure of over 50 organic complex combination of ligands, and widely used electronography and X-ray spectral analysis and hydrothermal synthesis methods in his researches. 

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