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Jamil Amirov (1875-1928)
Jamil Amirov (Mashadi Jamil Amirov) was born in Shusha. In 1907 he moved to Ganja and J. Amirov became  well-known  by accompanying Mashadi M. Farzaliyev,  Malybeyli Hamid, Bulbul,  Seyed  Shushinski. 
J.Amirov won the respect of the large mass of listeners had recorded his performance in Riga in 1910 in "Gramophone" company. He performed in tar, kamancha and accordion.
Being a master performer, J.Amirov was also known as a talented composer and teacher.
J.Amirov in 1915 staged opera "Seyfal mulk" in Ganja. After a year of this work successfully was staged at Tbilisi National Opera Theatre named after Z. Paliasvili.

Ashraf Jalal oglu Abbasov (1920-1992)
Ashraf Abbasov was born in Shusha. He graduated from the Azerbaijan State Conservatoire in 1948, and in 1952 from postgraduate of Moscow State Conservatory.
During 1953-57 Professor Ashraf Abbasov was a rector of the Azerbaijan State Conservatoire. In 1965 he wrote the first Azerbaijani children's ballet "Garaja girl".
A.Abbasov is an author of concert for piano and orchestra, "Consertino" for symphonic orchestra,   symphonic poems "Shusha", "Next day", "Dramatic" "You are not my beloved" "At mountains" operettas, many instrumental works, chorus, the song, romances.

Chingiz Zulfugar oglu Hajibeyov (1913-1971)
Chingiz Hajibeyov was born in Shusha. Ch. Hajibeyov worked as a violinist in Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theatre Orchestra named after M.F.Akhundov since 1931 under the leadership of Uzeyir Hajibeyov and Muslim Magomayev.
The main activities of J. Hajibeyov’s creativity was connected with Azerbaijan Musical Comedy Theatre, the Symphony Orchestra of State Committee for Radio and Television broadcasts, the State Symphonic Orchestra named after U. Hajibeyov. Worked as chief conductor in 1938-1953.

Niyazi (Niyazi Zulfugar oglu Hajibeyov-Tagizade) (1912-1984)
Niyazi was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. He is a son of Shusha Azerbaijan composer Zulfugar Hajibeyov. A great role in the formation of Niyazi as a musician belongs to his uncle, U.Hajibeyov. He got the music education in Moscow and Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and studied at post-graduate course in the Azerbaijan State Conservatoire.
He began an activity of composer and conductor since 1930. He has been closely involved in the formation of the Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra, since 1938 (with some intervals) till the end of his life he worked as an art director and chief conductor of the orchestra.
Niyazi is an author of a number of symphonic compositions ("Rast” symphonic mugham), opera ("Khosrov and Shirin"), ballet ("Chitra") and vocal works. The work performed under the guidance of author was sounded in many foreign countries, and was recorded in gramophone discs by Czech ("Supraphon"), and the U.S. ("Rikordi") music companies.

Fikrat Mashadi Jamil oglu Amirov (1922-1984)
F.Amirov, who was born in Ganja, by is Shusha origin. Then, in 1948, he graduated from the Baku Conservatory (course sof Uzeyr Hajibeyli and Boris Zeidman). F.Amirov is one of the leading figures of the music of Azerbaijan of the XX century, F. Amirov. F. Amirov played an important role in bringing world fame to Azerbaijani music. He has discovered new opportunities of tune-intonation of the structure and composition of Azerbaijani music with an oral tradition. F. Amirov is an author of "Sevil" opera, "Urakchalanlar", "Gozun aydin" musical comedies, "Nasimi epos", "Arabian Nights", "Nizami" ballets.
He was one of the founders of the music Azerbaijani symphonic music. F. Amirov’s "Nizami" symphony, "Shur", "Kurd-ovsharı", "Gulistan Bayati-Shiraz" symphonic mugam made an important stage in the his creation. In fact, for the first time, like U. Hajibeyov applied mughams to mugham operas, F. Amirov developed them on the basis of the symphonic music and could arrange organic relationship of two different style of music, Western and Eastern

Sultan Ismail oglu Hajibeyov (1919-1974)
Soltan Hajibeyov was born in 1919 in the city of Shusha. He entered the Composer faculty of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory in 1939, and courses of professor B.I.Zeidman. Even before the admission in Conservatoire he composed the "Golden Rose" musical comedy. In 1945, S. Hajibeyov "Caravan" composed symphonic suite.
S. Hajibeyov's "Gulshan" ballet was staged at the Big Theatre of Tashkent (Uzbekistan) named after A.Navoi in 1953. The author has compiled suite from the music on ballet. "Gulshan" suite was released in large numbers by "Bruno" (United States) company and spread.

Uzeyir bey Hajibeyov (1885-1948)
Uzeyir Hajibeyli was born in Agjabedi region of Shusha province. He was Azerbaijani composer, musician, scientist, publicist, playwright, teacher and public figure. U. Hajibeyov is the founder of modern Azerbaijani professional music and national opera. Founder of the first opera in the East.
U. Hajibeyov laid the foundation for the art of opera with “Leili and Majnun" opera in Baku on January 12, 1908, in the theater of H.Z.Tagiyev not only in Azerbaijan but also in the Muslim East.
During 1909-1915 U. Hajibeyov in one after another had composed mugham operas like  "Sheikh Sanan" (1909), "Rustam and Sohrab" (1910), "Shah Abbas and Khurshid Banu" (1912), "Asli and Kerem" (1912), "Harun and Leyla" (1915). He is the founder of the musical comedy genre in Azerbaijan.
U. Hajibeyov had arranged in 1921 the first music school for students in Baku, Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan State Turkish Music School (later technical).
U. Hajibeyov had trained the talented composers, musicians’ generation. G. Garayev, F. Amirov, Niyazi, S. Hajibeyov and others were his students.

Zulfugar Abdulhuseyn oglu Hajibeyov (1884-1950)
Zulfugar Hajibeyov was born in Shusha. He is one of the founders of the Azerbaijan Theater of Musical Comedy. Z. Hajibeyov is an author of "Young at the age of fifty" (1909), "Eleven-year-old wife" (1911), "Single while married" (1911) musical comedies, "Ashiq Garib" (1915) opera..  Z. Hajibeyov together with Niyazi is a composer of the first sound film of Azerbaijan "Almas". 

Suleyman Eyyub oglu Alasgarov (1924-1999)
S.Alasgarov was born in Shusha. He graduated from the Azerbaijan State Conservatory in 1948.
S.Alasgarov’s "Stars", "Ourselves know", "Not like that but this", "Poor son of a millionaire", "Where are you bachelorhood", "Sevindik looking for girl", "Hamishakhanım" operettas still today are performed at Musical Comedy Theatre of Azerbaijan. In addition, his "Bahadur and Sona", "Faded Flowers" operas, several cantatas, symphony, "Bayati-Shiraz" symphonic mugham, symphonic poem, and suites are pearls of Azerbaijani music

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