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Folk singers


Haji Husi (1839-1898)

Haji Husi (Kazimli Haji Husi Karbalay Lutfali oglu) was born in the town of Shusha. One of the most prominent representatives of vocalism of Shusha, student of  Kharrat Qulu. In 1880 Iran's Shah Nasreddin has invited H.Hus at his son's wedding in Tabriz. The first award given by the shah at the end of wedding to singers was awarded namely to H. Husi.
H. Husi besides being a good singer, also was an excellent musician and teacher in the East and Azerbaijani mughams. He improved in a number mughams, and created its new variants.

Abdulbagi Zulalov (Bulbulcan) (1841-1927)

Abdulbagi Zulalov (Kerbalayi Ali oglu) was born in the town of Shusha. Among people he was more known with  "Bulbulcan" pseudonym. In Azerbaijan he is one of the prominent representatives of the school of khanande. The first musical education he got in the school of Kharrat Gulu in Shusha, and made khanande signings in Karabakh, Ganja, Sheki, and other places.
 Bulbuljan returned to Shusha in 1905, and taught here in the "short-term courses in Eastern music" ("The Eastern Conservatory"), and in 1923 at the Azerbaijan State Turkish Music School in Baku the mugams.

Jabbar Garyagdioglu (Ismail oglu) (1861-1944)
Jabbar Garyagdioglu worked on the 500 songs that he learn from the people during 60 years of his life and collected. Folk singer gained fame in the best singer in Transcaucasia. He is considered the founder of modern performance art of mughams of Azerbaijan.
C. Garyagdioglu was born in Shusha in "Seidli" quarter. He played an important role in its establishment of the Azerbaijan State Opera. Our Opera stage’s first actor was J. Garyagdioglu. He is the first organizers of Azerbaijan Conservatory, where he managed the class of mugham. In 1906-1912 he was recorded in "Gramophone", "Sportrekord", "Ekstrafon" joint stock companies in Kiev, Moscow and Warsaw in gramophone discs. J. Garyagdioglu gave concert in Warsaw in 1906. He was compared with well-known Italian singer E. Caruzo.

Kechacioglu Mohammed (1864-1940)
Kechacioglu Mohammed (Mohammed Mashadi Khalil oglu) was born in the town of Shusha. His repertoire is rich with the classical mugams, tasnifs and folk songs. Singer sung skillfully all mugham and zarbi-mughams. A number of mughams, tasnifs and folk songs performed by him were recorded in 1912 at "Sport-Record" (Warsaw), and in 1914 at "Ekstrafon" (Kiev) gramophone companies. His "Leyli"  tasnif is particularly popular. Singing in duet with Jabbar Garyagdioglu Fuzuli’s "Leili and Majnun" became very popular. 

Majid Behbudaly oglu Behbudov (1873-1945)
Majid Behbudov was born in the town of Shusha. Being well-known representative of the school of mugham of Karabakh the singer first acted in Karabakh and Ganja then for many years, living in Tbilisi, he gave concerts there.
"Gramophone" firm invited him in Riga in 1910 to record his voice in disc. In Riga, under the accompaniment of Meshedi Jamil Amirov recorded a number of mugham, tasnifs and folk songs. He was known as a skilful performer of "Mirza Hussein Segahı", "Shushtar", "Chargah" mughams.

Mashadi Mammad Farzaliyev (1872-1962)
Masadi Mammad Farzaliyev was born in Shusha and got the musical education here at the school of Kharrat Gulu. In the history of the art of singing the singer was known as skilful performer of "Shushtar" mugham. He performed an ancient Azerbaijani songs and tasnifs with great skill. In 1926 accompanied by mugham trio he gave concerts in a number of Russian cities, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, England, Austria, Romania, Turkey and Iran. Moved to Turkey in 1929, and lived here until the end of his life. Like Azerbaijani singer M.M.Farzaliyev made Azerbaijani art well known in abroad.

Islam Abdul oglu Abdullayev (1876-1964)
Outstanding representative of Azerbaijani-Karabakh mugham school, a singer Islam Abdullayev was born in Shusha. Mughams musician Mir Mohsen Navvab, singer Haji Husu was his teacher. He began to perform under the accompaniment of tar performer Mirza Asad Sadiq. During 1910-1915 in the "Sport-Record" and "Ekstrafon" recording companies I.Abdullayev’s "Segah", "Bayati-Gajar", "Shahnaz", "Shushtar" mughams and a number of tasnif were recorded in gramophone discs. 
I. Abdullayev was recognized as a unique performer of "Segah" mugham in the history of Azerbaijani music. 

Seyed Shushinski (1889-1965)
Seid Shushinski from Shusha was born in the village of Horadiz of Fizuli region. Jabbar Garyagdioglu called him as "The pearl of Eastern music".
S. Shushinski made financial supports to publication of famous few numbers of "Molla Nasreddin" magazine. In general, S. Shushinski was a great philanthropist, and helped the actors in the theater.
He was the innovator and combined many mughams in new variants and sung.

Musa Farhad oglu Shushinski (1893-1971)
He was born in Shusha. He was one of the artists who continue the tradition of great classical singers of Azerbaijan.
M.Shushinski was invited to Baku in 1932 by Uzeyir Hajibeyli. At that time, under the leadership of the famous composer in the Rote-Fane (now named after Nizami) park "Concerts of the East" had been organized. In July of that year M.Shusinski made a speech in front of the audience of Baku.

Bulbul (Murtuza Mashadi Rza oglu Mammadov) (1897-1961)
Murtuza Mammadov, for his extraordinarily beautiful voice the Bulbul name was given. She was born near Shusha, the place called Khanbaghı.
Bulbul was Azerbaijan opera singer (lyric-dramatic tenor), a skilful tasnif performer, music, folklore researcher, and a founder of Azerbaijan professional vocal school.
He graduated from the Baku Conservatory in 1927 and continued education at the state line for 4 years in Milan (Italy). In 1931, after graduated from the Milan Conservatory (Delliponti and R. Qrani class) Bulbul returning to teach at Azerbaijan State Conservatory.
 Bulbul’s “Koroglu” part in the same name opera was a peak of his mastery of the art. In addition, he was a skilful performer works of foreign and Azerbaijani composers.  

Zulfi Ali oglu Adigozalov (1898-1963)
Zulfi Adigozalov was born in Qaradolaq village of Shusha. In 1927 Jabbar Garyagdioglu  invited him to Baku. He established own school of singing of mugham dastgah in the bass and middle tessitura. 
Performed and recorded by singer, and recorded in gramophone discs "Rast", "Mahur hindi", "Segah-Zabul", "Bayati-Shiraz", "Humayun" and a number of tasnifs ("Nabi", "I am going to Zangilan" "Give me a kiss", "Keklik" and others) are rare pearls of Azerbaijani music. He combined separate relevant sections of mugham dastgah and classified it as micro cycles independently.

Khan Shushinski (Isfandiyar Aslan oglu Javanshir) (1901-1979)
The coryphaeus of art of Azerbaijan Mugham Khan Shushinski was born in the town of Shusha. At age of 12-13 years his masterly performance at one of Shusha majlis impressed all the guests, so his teacher Islam Abdullayev gives him a name of "Khan".
Under the accompaniment of symphonic orchestra symphonic mughams’ solo part for the first time was sung by Khan. The first duet in the history of music is connected with the name of the great artist. The first duet in the history of Azerbaijani music was performed by Khan Shushinski and Mrs. Shevket  Alekperova.

Rashid Majid oglu Behbudov (1915-1989)
Although originally he was from Shusha, but Rashid Behbudov was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. At young age he acted as in one of pop groups of Tbilisi. Then he began the soloist work in Armenian State Jazz Orchestra.
He was the soloist of Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society, the Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theatre named after M.F.Akhundov organizer and leader of Azerbaijan State Concert Ensemble. In 1966, R. Behbudov had established Azerbaijan State Song Theater by combining pop music and the art of jazz, ballet, pantomime and by the end of his life he was a soloist and artistic director of this theater. Along with all the Soviet republics, he acted with repertoire in Argentina, Bulgaria, Belgium, Chile, China, Ethiopia, Finland, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, etc. countries. R. Behbudov’s role in popularization of Azerbaijani folk songs and vocal works of Azerbaijani composers in foreign countries was crucial.

Abulfat Asad oglu Aliyev (1926-1990)
Abulfat Aliyev was born in Shusha. In 1964 he got the honorary title of People's Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1945 he became a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society and the Azerbaijan State Opera and Ballet Theatre (1956-1962).
Majnun ("Leili and Majnun"), Karam ("Asli and Kerem"), Garib ("Ashiq Garib"), and Shah Ismail ("Shah Ismail") were his major and memorable roles.

Yaqub Mohammed oglu Mamedov (1930-2003)
Yaqub Mammadov was born in Agjabedi region. He got lessons from the well-known singer Seid Shushinski on mugham dastgahs, learn the secrets of the art of singing. Besides he was an expert in all mugham dastgah he knew poetry of Azerbaijan deeply. For many years Y. Mammadov was a soloist of Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society, has performed in concerts. His mugam-dastgahs recorded at gramophone discs were popular not only in Azerbaijan, but in all the Near and Middle East.

Mursud Salim oglu Mamedov (1932-1996)
He was born in the village of Muradbəyli of Aghdam region. "Bayati-Shiraz", "Segah", "Zabul-Segah", "Rast", "Qatar", "Karabakh Shikeste" mughams and a number of tasnifs and other songs performed by well-known representative of Karabakh art of music occupied special place in the development of  mugham schools.
He tried himself in the scene of opera, and has played roles in a number of mugham operas.

Islam Tapdiq oglu Rzayev (1934-2006)
Islam Rzayev was born in the village of Sardarli of Fizuli region. He is a talented representative of the Karabakh School of singing. His work was comprehensive and multifaceted.
İ. Rzayev was in 74 countries at the world tour. In 1988 I. Rzayev, along with other music figures established the "Musical Theater" and worked as art director of this theatre, was Professor of the Azerbaijan National Conservatory, the University of Culture and Arts.

Gadir Cherkez oglu Rustamov (1935)
Gadir Rustamov was born in the Agdam. Singer is one of the well-known representatives of Karabakh singing school. In his performance a number of dastgah and mughams like "Rast", "Chargah" was recorded and stored in the fund of radio. Having high tessitura voice G. Rustamov can demonstrate all the qualities of sound. His "Sona bulbullar" is a very popular song in particular.

Arif Imran oglu Babayev (1938)
Arif Babayev, People's Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a prominent follower of the Karabakh school of mugham in the second half of the XX century.. Born in Aghdam region, his dastgah were included to the golden fund of the national music of Azerbaijan, have enriched the treasury of music.
Folk songs like "Shur", "Segah" mugham dastgahı, "Arazbarı", "Karabakh Shikeste" percussion mughams made the basis of repertoire of A. Babayev. A.Babayev in 1990 was elected as the first professor of mugham. At present, he is the head of the mugham chair of National Conservatory of Music.

Shahmali Kurdoglu (1930-1992)
Shahmali Kurdoglu (Hajiyev Shahmali Mirsaqulu oglu) was born in the village of Qiyaslı of Aghdam region. Besides referred to as a singer with unique services in the history of Azerbaijani mugham, he is also commemorated as martyr singer. S.Kurdoglu is representative of the Karabakh social environment and as well as S.Shushinski school.

Suleiman Jumshud oglu Abdullayev(1939)
He was born in Qochahmadli village of Fizuli region. Singer is one of the prominent representatives of the Karabakh Mugham School in modern time. In 1969, in Istanbul, Turkey he was the winner of the World Festival. He had performed concerts in several countries of the world.
At present, S. Abdullaev takes an active part in the cultural life of the country, gives concerts in front of soldiers at front regions. 

Teymur Ibrahim oglu Mirzayev (1936)
Teymur Mirzayev was born in the Agdam. Then, in 1961, he became founder, artistic director and a soloist a "Qaya" State ensemble. The winner of All-Union and International competitions "Gaya" ensemble was one of the well-known collectives in the USSR and in many foreign countries. This collective won the 1st place at the World Estrada contest held in Moscow in 1964.
Maintaining the Estrada traditions deservedly Teymur Mirzayev as a leader of the collective at the same time developed with a unique style of playing Azerbaijan's national performing arts. With staff he gave concerts in in various countries - Germany, Austria, America, Turkey, India, Africa, Czechoslovakia, Israel, Canada, Georgia, Ukraine, and could make it loved by representatives of different nations.

Vahid Ali oglu Abdullayev (1948-2001)
Being grown with classical music traditions of the Karabagh School of mugham Vahid Abdullayev    was born in Zangisalı-Mahrızlı village of Agdam region. He studied at a professional music school named after Asaf Zeynalli and later began to teach in the same school. His performance of "Bayati-Shiraz", "Zabul-Segah" mugham dastgah, "Karabakh Shikeste" won the sympathy of mugham lovers and remained in particular, in their memory.
V. Abdullayev was a soloist of Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society, Azerbaijan concert association. He sounded Azerbaijani mughams in concert halls of Turkey, France, Israel and Iran.

Sakhavat Amirkhan oglu Mamedov (1953-1991)
He was born in the village of Abdal-Gulabli of Aghdam region. Being the representative of Karabakh the majority of songs sung by Sakhavat are in "Segah" style. In September 30, 1991 the singer died at automobile accident. He was buried in Abdal Gulabli cemetery. As a result of the occupation by Armenians the tombstone of Sakhavat with his picture, date of birth and death left at the yard of his home in village.

Sabir Ali oglu Abdullayev (1957)
Sabir Abdullayev, representative of the school of mugham of Karabakh, was born in the village of Zangisalı-Mahrızlı of Aghdam region. He performed with special skill “Zabul-Segah" , "Mirza Hussein segah" . This mugams’ records are included in the gold fund of the Azerbaijan State Radio and Television. S. Abdullayev performs mughams being loyal to classical music traditions of mugham school of Karabakh.
S. Abdullayev today teaches both at the music school and at the Baku Music College under the Music Conservatory to mughams followers.

Mansum Israfil oglu Ibrahimov (1960)
Mansum Ibrahimov known with his unique singing style in modern period is one of the well-known followers of the school of mugham of Karabagh, and enriched treasure of Azerbaijani music. He appealed to their repertoire is all mugham dasgahs. Singer promoted our mugham in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, etc.countries.
Fehruz Amirkhan oglu Mamedov (1972)
Fehruz (Firuz) Mamedov  was born in Aghdam. Singer is a worthy follower of the school of the modern Karabakh mugham in the world. F. Mamedov is a graduate of Agdam Mugam School named after Khan Shushinski. Singer was in tours in Iran, Turkey and other countries.

Nazakat Khosrov kizi  Teymurova (1972)
Teymurova courtesy was born in Aghdam. She got lessons from people's artist, professor Arif Babayev. N. Teymurova since the same year is a soloist of the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Besides acting as a soloist of opera, she is professional performer of folk songs and songs of composers. N. Teymurova represented the art of mugham of Azerbaijan deservedly in Germany, USA, Korea, Japan, Hungary, France, Turkey, Iran, and Switzerland with national music concert programs. 

Jabir Ali oglu  Abdullayev(1966)
Jabir Abdullayev was born in the Agdam. He graduated in 2001 from the faculty of mugham of the Baku Academy of Music. J. Abdullayev together with other artists performed successfully at the anniversary of the republic and a number of state events, as well as in Austria in 2004, at the Cultural Days of Azerbaijan. At present he is soloist of the "Mugham" Theatre.

Tayyar Allahverdi oglu Bayramov (1976)
Young singer Tayyar Bayramov was born in Aghdam region. Since the childhood he showed interest in mugham. While study at Music College named after A. Zeynalli he became involved in professional performance. When studying at Music College he joined one of the contests and won the 3rd place.
T. Bayramov won the 1st place at Television Music Contest held in 2005. In 2009, at the International Music Competition he was awarded to the prize "Grand Prix".  

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