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Garabagh literature of modern period


Since Azerbaijan gained its state independence and joined the ranks of the sovereign world states, the Azerbaijani literature has been instrumental for the liberation of the occupied Azerbaijani territories by the Armenian aggressors and the return of the displaced Karabakh poets and novelists to their native lands. At the same time, the literature is conducive to the people’s aspiration to reach the level of the developed nations and upbringing the young generations in the spirit of patriotism by promoting friendly and cultural ties between the people of Azerbaijan, its immediate and remote neighbours to further develop the advocated by classical writers for centuries humanism and social justice principles in the age of the globalization.
Free from all sorts of ideological prohibitions and confrontation in this sphere, the masters of the artistic thinking contribute more to the development of literature through theoretical and artistic competitions. From this standpoint, we should highlight the presence of the post-modernist angles in the literary activities of Karabakh poets and novelists. At the same time, the key development tendencies of the Karabakh authors are to glorify the triumph of liberation of Karabakh.

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