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EU document, Jun 18, 1992


European Political Cooperation. Statement on Nagorno-Karabagh
Brussels, 18 June 1992

The Community and its member States are deeply concerned about the continued fighting in
Nagorno Karabagh. They strongly condemn any use of force which will in no way help to resolve the
crisis. They call upon the parties involved to show restraint and avoid inflicting further suffering or loss
of human life.
The Community and its member States urge the Governments concerned to use all their influence
to end the vicious circle of violence and to bring about an effective cease-fire.
They renew their call to Azerbaijan and Armenia to respect human rights, to which they have
committed themselves at their admission into the CSCE. They urge them to contribute to the efforts
underway in the framework of the preliminary emergency meeting in Rome to create the necessary
conditions to hold the Minsk Conference at the earliest moment under the auspices of the CSCE, which
offers the best hope of seeing peace restored to this region.

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