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Terroristic acts committed by Armenians


The scale of terrorist actions committed by Armenians not just in Garabagh but in general in Azerbaijan is wide.     To have clear image on it is suffice to look at terror acts committed at the end of XX century

Terror acts committed in passenger buses: 
1. 1984, the bus on route 106 was blown up by Armenian terrorist Vartanov in Baku and 1 woman was killed and 3 wounded.   
2. September 16, 1989. A bus moving by the route “Tbilisi-Baku” was blown up, as a result 5 people were killed, and 25 were wounded.
3. February 13, 1990. A bus moving along the route “Shusha-Baku” was blown up at the 105th km of the highway Yevlakh-Lachin, as a result 13 were wounded 5 wounded. Terrorists could escape.   
4. July 11, 1990. Тhe passenger bus “Tartar”-Kelbadjar” and truck caravan carrying the household items were blown up and as a result of terror attack against car column 1 woman, 7 men were killed and 23 were heavily wounded. During investigation it was revealed that terror attack was committed by Ayrian Arkadi Abramovich and Babaian Samvel Andronikovich.   They also killed 3 Azerbaijani villagers in Jamilly and Kosalar village of Asgeran region in Dec 15, 1990. Both culprits were arrested, and were sentenced to death on Jun 19, 1992.  S.Babayan was exchanged in Jun 1992 for Azerbaijani captives and prisoners. (In 1993-99 he was Defense Minister of so-called NKR and now he is guilty in attempt to assassin A. Gukasyan. Presently he is Defense Minster of Republic of Armenia)        
5. August 10, 1990. At the same day on “Shamkhor-Ganja” road near Nadel village of Khanlar district passenger bus “LAZ” (state number-plate 43-80 AGF) was blown up, as a result 17 men perished, 26 were wounded.
6. Aug 10, 1990 - Bus on route Tbilisi-Aghdam  was blown up and 20 people were killed and  30 wounded. Culprits Armenian terrorists Armen Мikhaylovich Avanesian and Mikhayil Mikhaylovich Tatevosov were arrested, and in May 1992 A. Avanesian  was sentenced to death, and M. Tatevosov were imprisoned for 15 years. It was found during investigation that culprits planned to explode on Jul 17, 1991 bus moving on Agdam-Tbilisi itinerary but could not commit it due to reasons beyond them. M. Tatevosov was exchanged in May 1992 with Azerbaijani captive in Tartar region.
7. November 30, 1990. Тhe passenger bus carrying Interior Ministry staff was blown up near the Khankendi airport, in so- called Aga korpu area of Askeran region and at result 2 policemen were wounded.
8. March 14, 1991 bus moving on «Agdam-Shusha» route was blown up and 3 persons were killed and 4 wounded.    
9. Sep 8, 1991 bus on route Agdam-Garadaghlı was blown up and 6 people were killed and 36 were wounded; 
- Total 77 people, civilians of Garadagli village became victims of terror;
At same day Armenians poured diesel on 3 villagers of Garadagly and set them on fire and two civilians were beheaded.    
Killed: 68 persons (mainly women, children, elders)
Wounded: 132 persons

Terror acts committed in passenger and cargo trains
During 1990-1994 Armenians had committed 10 terror acts in passenger and cargo trains:
March 24, 1990 - railways on 364-th km of "Norashen-Baku" was blown up and at result diesel locomotive and 3 wagons were exploded, more than 150 meters of the railway line had been damaged. 
May 30, 1991- near Khasavyurt station of the Republic of Dagestan, Moscow-Baku passenger train was exploded, 11 people were killed and 22 wounded. 
June 31, 1991- near Temirtau of the Republic of Dagestan, Moscow-Baku passenger train was exploded, 16 people were killed and 20 wounded. It was not possible to identify a criminal. 
May 30, 1991 – near Khasavyurt station of Dagestan "Moscow-Baku" passenger train was exploded, 11 people were killed and 22 were heavily wounded. 
June 31, 1991 - near Temirtau station of the Republic of Dagestan "Moscow-Baku" passenger train was exploded and 16 people were killed and 20 people were heavily wounded. 
February 28, 1993 - on the territory of the Republic of Dagestan, near the station of Gudermes, "Kislovodsk-Baku" passenger train was exploded, 11 people were killed and 18 wounded. 
June 2, 1993 – at Baku railway station the wagon of train was exploded. There were no dead and wounded. Khatkovski Igor Anatolyevich, who committed the crime, was imprisoned in June 22, 1994 by the Military Court of the Republic for 8 years in jail.
February 1, 1994 – at Baku railway station, in the wagon of Kislovodsk-Baku passenger train terrorist act was committed, and 3 people were killed and 20 wounded.
February 9, 1994 - the freight train based on reserve way was exploed near the station Khudat.
April 13, 1994 – near the Daqestanskie Oqni station of the Republic of Dagestan Moscow-Baku passenger train was exploded, 6 people were killed and 3 wounded.
Killed: 74 people
Wounded: 125 people

Terrorist acts committed in Air Transport
1. November 20, 1991, near the village of Garakand of Khojavand region the MI-8 helicopter was shot down by Armenian terrorists. As a result, 22 people who visited with the peacekeeping mission Khankendi - Member of AR Parliament, State Secretary T. Ismailov, Deputy Prime Minister MP Z. Hajiyev, MP, the State Advisor M. Asadov, the Prosecutor General I. Gayibov, MPs V. Jafarov and V. Mammadov, head of the department of the Office of the President O. Mirzayev, First Deputy Minister of Irrigation and Water G. Namazaliyev,  Prosecutor of Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast I. Plavski, head of Ministry of National Security on NKAO S. Ivanov, head of Department of Internal Affairs of NKAO  V. Kovalyov, commandant of the NKAO emergency situation in the region N. Jinkin, Assistant Secretary of State of AR R.  Mamedov, the staff of State TV and Radio Company of the Azerbaijan Republic A. Mustafayev, A. Huseynzade and F. Shahbazov, observers from the Russian Federation, Major-General M. Lukasov, and lieutenant-colonel V. Kocharov, the first deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan S. Serikov and 3 crew members were killed.
2. January 28, 1992, near the town of Shusha, civilian helicopter carrying a passenger on Aghdam-Shusha route was shot by the Armenian terrorists, mostly of passengers were women and children,  41 passengers and 3 crew members were killed.
3. March 18, 1994, HERKULES plane, belonging to Iran Air Force was shot by the Armenian terrorists in the city of Khankendi, which caused the killing of 34 peoples.
Killed: 104 peoples

Terrorist acts committed in the Baku Metro
1. March 19, 1994 - as a result of the terror act committed in electric train at January 20 station of Baku underground 14 people were killed and 49 people were injured. During the investigation it was determined that this terrorist act was committed under the leadership of the Armenian Special Services by members of separatist Sadval Lezgin People's Movement 
2. July 3, 1994 – as a result of explosion in train between stations of May 28 – Ganjlik 13 people were killed and 42 people were injured. Crime was committed by Azer Salman oglu Aslanov, the citizen of Republic of Azerbaijan who was recruited to carry out terrorist acts on the instructions while in captivity by the special services of Armenia and sent to our republic. 
Killed: 27 people
Wounded: 91 persons

The terrorist act committed in Passenger ferry  
1. January 08, 1992, "Krasnovodsk-Baku" passenger ferry was exploded, 25 people were killed as a result, and 88 people was heavily wounded.

According to estimates, 338 acts of terror were committed up to now by the Armenians against the military and civilian persons. In this case, the number of persons killed was 881 people, and wounded 1239.

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